The basic service is about identifying what you want to achieve. Next we will determine how best to attain your goals — DIY or with assistance, based on your time and budget. We can do this in person, by phone, Skype or email. To request an estimate or quote, click on the contact page.

Family history is big business. No longer solely the domain of spinster aunts and retired librarians armed with 3-ring binders, technology developments have transformed it into a growth industry. As a result, the consumer can be easily overwhelmed with a complicated selection of products and services.

As a hobby, family history is time consuming. Some support products are relatively expensive and some free, all with pros and cons.  If you don’t have specific goals in mind, it is easy to invest m-a-n-y months of time, with the only tangible result being a database of details about your family that you don’t own because it lives on a commercial server.

Why not make your history more compelling by creating family story books, doing selective DNA testing, producing a video, compiling an oral history, holding a family history party or making a family tree to frame or save as a jpg file?

Time permitting, Family Matters will work with you at no charge to determine the best type of DNA test (there are 3 basic types of genetic genealogy DNA tests — Y-DNA, mtDNA and atDNA) for you and/or your family. In addition to also helping you figure out which of the three major testing companies best suits your needs, you will learn specifics about pricing and lead times — plus sources of additional information and referrals to DNA specialists, if desired.


“He had no choice. No choice, (referring to her grandfather Ludwig  fleeing the post-war depression in Germany) he desperately wanted a decent life, and to send money back to his family, and he wanted his entire family to survive.” (Louise Erdrich,  Faces of America, PBS)

Projects you may want to discuss at the meeting:

  • Family research, domestic and international
  • Assembling a family tree
  • Managing photos and videos
  • Producing a family story-book
  • Photo restoration
  • Interviewing a family member to create an audio, video or written history
  • Family history gifts for children or grandchildren
  • Capturing and preserving memories
  • DNA (for genealogy) testing
  • Application for membership in a heritage society (examples: Sons of the American Revolution, Oregon Trail Pioneer, Mayflower Society, etc)


Pricing:  Consultation & recommendations $75, project work negotiated