I always heard that we had Native American roots on my father’s side but come to find out it was on my mother’s side. It all started with a Scottish fur-trader who married a Creek Princess of the Wind Clan …”

Kathryn Moreland, Portland, Oregon


I wanted to better understand my genetic roots with a DNA test. Connie provided information that assisted me in deciding which testing company to use. Each has pros and cons depending on your goals. We also discussed the results when they arrived. She recommended additional sources to increase my knowledge of genetic DNA. “

Will Denecke, Portland, Oregon



As a mother, I was able to share a great deal of my family’s history with my son, though we knew very little about his father’s side of the family. Thanks to Family Matters – he was able to learn information he desired to feel connected with his last name!  The historical pictures found were a great bonus.”

Marlene Frazier, Spokane, Washington



Within 24 hours, Connie sent me a photograph of my grandmother and an ad from my grandfather’s business in New York City from 1919. Not only that, she located three Great uncles I didn’t even know I had. It was like being in a time machine!”

Ward Greene, Portland, Oregon



My mother was adopted from NY Foundling in about 1901. I know nothing about her parents. Connie recently located the adoption record. Since it has very limited information she recommended DNA testing. We are optimistic that I will ultimately learn more about my mother’s family history.”    

V.H., Connecticut



Working together, Connie and I have been able to trace my son’s paternal line from California back to Japan. I hope we can celebrate his college graduation with a trip to where his ancestors lived.”

Carey Howe, Moscow, Idaho