Old negatives


Remember your first camera? I was overcome with nostalgia seeing this ad — and recalling coaxing my younger brothers and sisters to pose for snapshots. It took a week for the drug store to process the film. Later, in the 1970’s the budget camera of choice was an Instamatic — with those funky little blue flash bulbs.  Many of the photos were lost, damaged or given away over the years. I recently came across a large box of negatives and had no idea what was on most of them. To preserve them one possibility was to use a scanner with a special attachment. It would have taken months to complete the job so I contacted Larsen Digital, a company whose booth I visited at RootsTech 2015.  They converted the negatives to digital prints and emailed them back.  Now they reside on my computer along with the photos taken with an iPhone. They can be emailed to those same brothers and sisters who seem to appreciate them more now.