Family History for Kids in Blended Families


Many people want to know where they come from. A sense of belonging is especially important for kids. Knowing about their family history gives them an understanding of who they are and of their place in a larger world. What can parents in blended families do to provide that same  awareness?

Hanna and Dylan’s Mother and Grandmother are divorced and have remarried. The kids have excellent relationships with their step-dad and step-grandpa, obviously a very good thing. Their Mom, however, did not want them to forget their biological Dad and Grandfather.

Working together, we were able to create a 22-page photo book for each of the kids. A few examples of the content:

  • ‘About Me’ pages with photos illustrating many aspects of their current lives
  • A family tree that included a couple of ‘extra’ branches so that photos of each member of the blended family was visually illustrated
  • Stories we found about their great-grandparents, including what it was like to be a kid 100-years ago
  • A map showing the routes each of the 4-lines of the family took, migrating across the country, to all arrive in the same area — so their parents could meet, marry and give birth to them
  • Copies of interviews the kids did with immediate family members about their personal histories
  • Lots more photos

If you want to explore how you might create family history memories for your kids or grandkids, contact /CC