Ellis Island


Between 1892-1954, Ellis Island was the first stop in the US for more than 12 million immigrants. It is now home to a wonderful museum and Family History Center. Niece Chelsea claims that visiting Ellis Island was the highlight of our 2005 long weekend in NYC, celebrating her high-school graduation.

The Ellis Island Foundation supports an online searchable database of over 51 million records at libertyellisfoundation.org. Imagine the thrill of seeing your ancestors name on the actual passenger list of their immigrant ship.

The American Immigrant Wall of Honor is a permanent exhibit of immigrant names. It is the only place in the US where an individual can honor his or her family heritage at a National Monument.  The names of individuals and families inscribed on the Wall of Honor represent all ethnicities, all years of arrival, all points of entry, and all modes of travel. They are inscribed for posterity as gifts of remembrance through donations made to restore and maintain Ellis Island. To learn more, visit libertyellisfoundation.org