DNA ethnicity estimate


This is a recent ethnicity estimate from FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) — of course the Central Asian connection is the most intriguing!  Three companies: 23andMe, FTDNA and Ancestry do the majority of genetic genealogy DNA testing. All use either a simple saliva or a cheek swab collection kit. Each organization differs in their primary focus, reference populations, website tools and the tests they offer – making it a good idea to think through which best suits your goals before investing in the kit.

Experts tell us that our history is in our cells. DNA testing can help push your story back beyond where the paper trail ends. Excellent resources for learning more about the subject are available on-line, for example – isogg.org. For those who lack time or interest in the science, experts are available to assist you in understanding and applying your test results.

Later: What I have learned from DNA tests results for Dad, Mom, brother Chuck and a few cousins