A Christmas gift that keeps on giving


Last spring 20 of my 26-living Kerby cousins emailed me, with a bit of encouragement, their recollections of our grandparents Pearl Nolan and Charlie Kerby — born in the late 1800’s.  I combined them, inserting family photos from 1896 forward, to create a book of memories — also incorporating photocopies of letters written by Charlie and Pearl along with one written by his mother Etta in 1945. It detailed her four grandson’s WWII activity in different parts of the world.  Two surviving wives of Mom’s brothers, now in their 80’s, made  contributions as well.  Aunt Dorothy’s short story about a ‘serious’ 1939 childhood paint-fight with her sisters was a perfect fit, along with Mom’s memories of growing up in rural Idaho during the Depression.  Mom is one of two living siblings from a family of eight. Oh, how I wish I’d done this 20-30 years ago.

The 50+ page document went out by email to all of the families on Christmas Eve —