Discovering & Preserving
Your History


Family history isn’t just your grandma’s hobby. It’s an adventure that connects you to something bigger than yourself – your family legacy.

Here’s how I can help you discover your family legacy:

  • Composing a family history section within your estate plan
  • Designing a DNA testing strategy
  • Creating family keepsakes
  • Guiding your family on a journey through ethnicity, culture, and migration patterns
  • Uncovering long-lost stories from family members who came before you
  • Analyzing which tools and technology can help you achieve your goals

If you have a specific idea of what you’d like to accomplish or if you’d like help in exploring possibilities, let me be your guide.

“We are the sum of all the people who lived before us.”
(Meryl Streep,  Faces of America, PBS)


Have you ever wished you knew more about your roots? Are you curious to know who your ancestors were? What were their stories, what hardships did they overcome to give their children – and you – a better future? What information do you wish your grandparents had left for you?

Here’s my personal wish list:

  • A family photo collection that’s curated and labeled
  • Personal journals
  • DNA samples
  • Detailed information about my great (and even great-great) grandparents

Research shows that children who know about their family history are more resilient. Developing and passing on a strong family narrative helps your family thrive for generations. (‘The Stories That Bind Us’, NY Times, March 15, 2013) 

That’s why I’m passionate about guiding you on a journey of discovery. Every piece of information we uncover together is one more step in your journey to find your roots. And that’s the most fulfilling journey any of us can embark upon!

“America is a nation of immigrants, a patchwork quilt of all the world’s cultures, religions and colors. It is a quilt made up of stories about families. Families struggling to find a place of their own, to build a better life, to become Americans.”  (Henry Louis Gates, Jr.,  Faces of America, PBS)





With over two decades of experience as a family historian and librarian, Connie Christopher is uniquely equipped to help you discover your roots. With training from the top genealogy organizations in the world, she finds joy in uncovering family stories. From tales of hardship to tales of overcoming odds, each family story is important and worth preserving. That’s why Connie considers herself a guide, helping you discover your family history, one story at a time.